The Van Cleef Christmas
Another year has passed and we look back on all our joy of 2010. What a year it has been too.
Caitlin is now fully working in her chosen field, Carly is hitting the books harder than ever in her
second year of Brock and Bob is doing what he loves best spreading the good word of the CAW
to anyone who will listen.  

Bob could not be happier that he began the New Year off right by meeting Audrey and have
been slowly getting to know each other throughout the year. What a wonderful journey they are
on. Caitlin and Carly are exploring their youthful angst and have been having "gatherings" that
seem to be the talk of the Face Book crowd. Its safe to report no injuries and all is well in the
Van Cleef social world for the year 2010.

The best news to report is the Big move that happened in May. Bob finally recovered from all
the past life experiences and got to purchase a nice century home (built in 1870) located on the
east shore of the Welland Canal in quaint Allanburg. Its a converted into a duplex so Caitlin and
Carly now have the best landlord in the world as Dad now lives beside them in the adjoining
unit. Although both have had a few comments about the neighbours noise levels at times, it
surely is a delight for the Van Cleefs. Commutes are another matter but with Caitlin buying a
new Ford Focus, Carly now driving Dad's Ford Edge and Bob driving a brand new F150 we are
mobile and ready to take on the winter driving season.

From all of us we want to wish all of you the best of the Christmas Holiday Season!

 Bob, Caitlin and Carly